AGLS Metadata Standard

The AGLS Metadata Standard is a set of descriptive properties to improve visibility and availability of online resources.

AGLS is published as Australian Standard AS 5044-2010.  The 2010 revision supersedes AS 5044-2002 AGLS Metadata Element Set and is renamed the AGLS Metadata Standard. This revised version takes into account changes introduced by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) in January 2008. It also makes technical changes to support linked data and Semantic Web projects, recognising that the internet is no longer just a medium for publishing human-readable documents.

This AGLS Metadata Standard provides a set of metadata properties and associated usage guidelines to improve the visibility, manageability and interoperability of online information and services.


Major changes

The major changes in the 2010 version are:

Some additional terms have been made to vocabulary encoding schemes since the publication of AS 5044-2010 to meet specific user needs. This does not affect conformance with the standard.

Draft encoding guidelines for expressing AGLS metadata in XML and RDF are also available.

Template for validating AGLS in HTML5 is now available.